The irony in JOY


Merry (late) Christmas!

So over my Christmas holiday I realized how much we correlate JOY with Christmas. I believe it comes from the JOY of being with your family, the JOY of receiving gifts, and of course, the JOY of the birth of Jesus. But then I started to think about what JOY meant to me. I have grown up surrounded by JOY jokes, puns, and sayings because my last name is JOY. However, it kinda always glazed past me until I started thinking about the deeper meaning.

I found it ironic that depression ran in my family, being that our last name is JOY. When people think of JOY they think of happiness and delight, the complete opposite of everything depression entails.

It wasn’t until this Christmas that I realized why my last name was JOY. I believe that my name is JOY because God wants me to notice JOY. He wants me to see, feel, and comprehend the JOY I experience. Having depression doesn’t mean that I don’t ever experience JOY. It may mean that it doesn’t come as often, but it still comes, even if I can’t understand it. With this new found appreciation for the ironic last name I have, I plan on taking time every day to think about the JOY I experienced that day. I will from now on notice my JOY.


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